For this process we remove the tyre, valve and any weights and the wheel is fully chemically stripped of its old finish. 
Next the wheel goes into our shot blasting cabinet to remove any corrosion and pitting in the surface; this also highlights any imperfections which can then be dressed and filled (dents, deep scratches and kerb damage). Please be aware that we do not repair wheels that have been seriously damaged (eg bent, cracked, buckled or badly dented) as this will affect the wheel's structural integrity and it should be replaced. 
The wheel is now powder coated and cured at around 200°C. After cooling, the wheel will have any special paint effect added at this point (Hi Power silver etc) depending on what you have chosen. Last but not least the wheel now receives a coat of crystal clear powder coat lacquer to enhance and protect the finish, and again it is cured at high temperature. 
The wheel is then fully inspected before being returned to you, or the tyre is refitted and fitted back to the vehicle, depending on what type of service you have chosen. 


TD Wheels can repair almost any damage from minor kerbing to severe pothole impacts such as cracked wheels using specialist equipment and techniques. 
Cracked alloy wheels are a common problem on larger rims, cracks or hair line fractures on alloys is even more common possibly due to run flat tyres, often the cracks are discovered when a slow puncture is discovered on your MOT. Cracks can be repaired and still keep the wheels strength and integrity. 
Our specialist welders can weld the alloy wheel for cracks, stress fractures or kerb damage or any other defects such as large chunks missing. 


Potholes are a very common problem on the roads of Britain and cost drivers millions of pounds a year. If you have hit a pothole and think you wheel is buckled do not rush out to the dealer and buy an expensive replacement wheel, come to us.. 
We can straighten the vast majority of buckles using our straightening system. Applying heat and using electro-mechanic we can get your wheel back into shape. Even cracked wheels can be rescued, so it is always worth asking us for an inspection. 
Hitting a pothole can be costly and dangerous. Wheels bear the brunt of pothole collisions and the damage is often only too obvious, with deflated tyres or buckled wheels and vibration though steering. 
To replace a damaged alloy with a new one can cost hundreds of pounds. 
We can straighten your bent or buckled wheel at a fraction of the cost of a new one on our 5 ton press and lathe. The wheel is substantially heated on the damaged area to give the metal flexibility to minimise the risk of cracking. This will leave a scorch mark but in most cases will be on the rear of the wheel and will be unseen. If however the buckle is on the front edge, the wheel may benefit from a refurbishment of the customer's choice. 
We ask customers to bring the wheels to T D Wheels to be assessed, as in most cases even the worst buckle can be straightened saving a substantial amount of money to the motorist. 
Wheels with small hairline cracks may be able to be welded. This will depend on visual inspection by T D Wheel and will only be carried out with customers' consent. 
Powder Coated Wheel 
Wet Spray Wheel 
Straighten / Curb Damage 
Welding Cracks etc 
Diamond Cut Wheel 
Please phone Toby on 01376 553356 for a competitive quote today 
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